Women for Women’s Human Rights – New Ways (WWHR-New Ways) forms pressure groups and organizes action campaigns on the national and international level with an aim to improve laws and their practice so as to secure women’s human rights and achieve gender equality. It prioritizes building bridges between struggles for women’s human rights on the local, national, regional, and international levels. Espousing a holistic approach, WWHR-New Ways engages in policy development and awareness-building in order to further gender equality and women’s human rights.

Undertaking advocacy efforts to influence national and international decision-making mechanisms is an important part of our work toward the establishment and implementation of a non-discriminatory legal framework that safeguards women’s human rights on the national and international levels. International conventions, resolutions reached and agreements signed, as well as achievements in other countries are among the major reference points of this program. WWHR-New Ways monitors on a national level whether governments in Turkey uphold their commitments under such international conventions.

WWHR-New Ways actively participates in United Nations (UN) mechanisms, processes, international women’s movements, and forums. It believes that taking part in UN processes is an important means for carrying our local, national and regional efforts and demands regarding gender equality and women’s human rights to an international level, as well as for contributing to the global advancement of women’s human rights and human rights.

As WWHR-New Ways, we have played a part in various legal reforms in Turkey with our persistent activism, advocacy work and efforts to build solidarity networks ever since 1993. Not only have we been effective in advancing sexual and bodily rights in Muslim societies as well as at the United Nations level, but we have also contributed to their incorporation into global policies for the realization of gender equality and women’s human rights.