We Have Rights!

“We Have Rights!” is a booklet series by WWHR-New Ways as part of our efforts to make laws accessible to all. Prepared with comprehensibility as a major concern, the booklets in the series make a point of using simple language and rich visual material. Participants of the Human Rights Education Program for Women (HREP) are among the direct recipients of the “We Have Rights!” booklets.

As the first booklet of the series, “We Have Rights!” features information on women’s fundamental human rights enshrined in national legislation and international instruments, illustrating these through examples from daily life.

The second booklet of the series, “We Have Sexual Rights!” aims to support women in breaking free of negative societal prejudices and mechanisms of control and oppression around women’s sexuality so that they may discover and come to enjoy their own sexuality with an emphasis on the fact that everybody has the right to a happy and healthy sex life. It also contains information on where women may go to for accurate answers to their questions on sexuality.

The third booklet of the series, “We Have Reproductive Rights!” underlines that women’s reproductive and bodily rights are also human rights, providing information on subjects such as methods for the prevention of unwanted pregnancies (birth control), abortion and infertility (commonly called “barrenness”).

In 2016, we added another booklet titled “We Have Economic Rights!” to the “We Have Rights!” series. As the fourth of the series, this booklet includes comprehensive information to contribute to raising awareness in women with regards to their economic rights.



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