Women’s Human Rights Trainings (WHRT)

As a result of a long-standing collaboration with the International Labor Organization (ILO) Ankara Office, WWHR-New Ways signed an agreement with the ILO in March 2015 for the project “More and Better Jobs for Women: Women’s Empowerment through Decent Work in Turkey”. We were responsible for developing and implementing group activities for a 10-week WHRT program based on HREP and seminars on gender equality as part of the project, which had the Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR) as its main beneficiary or key partner. When İŞKUR withdrew from the project in October 2015, revisions were made to the project to include certain municipalities in the pilot provinces as new beneficiaries. 19 municipalities were considered in this regard, as a result of which 7 municipalities signed cooperation agreements with the ILO. These were the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Osmangazi Municipality in Bursa, the Maltepe Municipality and Kadıköy Municipality in Istanbul, as well as the Yenimahalle, Altındağ, and Çankaya Municipalities in Ankara. A 10th HREP Training of Trainers (ToT) course was also held for women employees of these aforementioned municipalities. A total of 56 WHRT groups were run from March 2016 up until the completion of the field phase in February 2017, with the partipation of 827 women who had been attending vocational trainings and hobby/leisure courses offered by these 7 municipalities. A manual comprising the 10 modules listed below and a 10-piece booklet series were developed for the pilot WHRT program, along with various other materials and publications based on the main content and methodology of HREP:

  1. Introduction and Women’s Human Rights
  2. Constitutional Rights
  3. Civil Rights
  4. Gender Equality
  5. Communication
  6. Violence Against Women
  7. Strategies Against Violence
  8. Women and Health
  9. Women’s Economic Rights – Section I
  10. Women’s Economic Rights – Section II