Feminist Knowledge Production and Dissemination

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WWHR-New Ways carries out research on a national and international level in order to identify and then take action and formulate policies to remove obstacles preventing women from exercising their civil, economic, political, sexual, bodily and reproductive rights. To this end, it also produces publications and materials sharing these with concerned persons and organizations. It particularly prioritizes disseminating information on and thus contributing to the proliferation of women’s political gains, achievements and successful tactics, as well as documenting women’s knowledge and experiences. It makes information on women’s human rights available in a manner that is comprehensible and accessible to women of all educational backgrounds via written, visual and digital publications and materials.

Since its foundation, WWHR-New Ways has always maintained a well-rounded publication and outreach strategy involving a multitude of printed and audiovisual materials on various levels targeting broad audiences (including HREP participants, activists, academics, officials, and international audiences). Recently, it has also placed a particular emphasis on factoring in emerging needs and developing technologies in producing new material and disseminating existing publications.

With a full awareness of how the patriarchal and anti-democratic policies of the mainstream and mass media act as serious obstacles to the women’s movement’s public access, WWHR-New Ways makes active use of social media and new communication technologies as well as building relationships with alternative media networks.

WWHR-New Ways also believes in the importance of participating in and contributing to events and meetings at the UN level, as well as encouraging and mobilizing other organizations within the movement to engage in international advocacy work. Since the 1990s global UN conferences on human rights, women’s human rights and the environment have provided a space for international women’s human rights movements to formulate joint strategies on a national and international level, in addition to serving as useful tools for the women’s movement to call upon in its national advocacy efforts. As participating in and contributing to such meetings and mobilizing other organizations in this area requires a strong and rigorous publication, communication and networking strategy, this constitutes an important portion of our activities regarding the learning, production and sharing of feminist knowledge and strategies.

In light of its above-mentioned objectives WWHR-New Ways:

  • Periodically revises, reprints and disseminates its existing publications, with due attention to keeping those on legal rights in particular up to date.
  • Organizes the dissemination of its publications and outreach materials in print as well as electronically to make them accessible to women from all walks of life.
  • Strives to convey the knowledge and experience accumulated by the women’s movement in Turkey to the international arena and vice versa, therefore making an effort to translate and disseminate a selection of its publications in Kurdish as well as Turkish and English.
  • Works to develop and disseminate new publications according to emerging needs.
  • Focuses on producing not only print publications but also visual and audiovisual material in line with the requirements of the day in order to propagate feminist knowledge.
  • Tracks developments on women’s human rights in Turkey and across the globe, sharing this information with the public through its social media channels.
  • Highly values experience and information sharing on different levels (the local, national and international) as coordinator or participant in international and/or regional meetings and events, thus encouraging other organizations in the movement to get involved in this arena.