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We Shall Not Stand Back and Allow for a Rollback of Women’s and Children’s Rights Under the Pretext of ‘Judicial Reform’! We Call for an Immediate Termination of All Plans to Legitimize Child Sexual Abuse and Provide Amnesty to Rapists!

By Genel, National Campaigns

Joint statement objecting to a clause rumored to be part of the Second Judicial Reform Package allowing the postponement of the execution of sentences for perpetrators of child sexual abuse on condition that they marry the children they have exploited

Don’t Touch Women’s Alimony Rights

By Genel, National Campaigns

Visit this link to read and sign on to the petition (open to individual signatures) launched by the Women’s Campaign for Alimony Rights to prevent an infringement of women’s alimony rights. Additional detailed information on the Women’s Platform for Alimony Rights and the right to alimony itself is available here.

Call from Women and LGBTI+ Organizations: Turkey’s Candidate for the Istanbul Convention Monitoring Committee (GREVIO) Must Be Prof. Feride Acar

By Brief Notes, Genel, National Campaigns

Petition and campaign calling for Prof. Feride Acar to be formally nominated as Turkey’s candidate for GREVIO (Group of Experts on Action against Violence against Women and Domestic Violence), the mechanism composed of independent experts monitoring the implementation of the Istanbul Convention

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